I need

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1) Decide what you want to achieve with a web site. Do you want to have a tool that adds to your box of promotional items or are you really serious about trying to make some money off the internet?

2) Choose an address; i.e. www.SpiderWebZ.co.uk keep it short and snappy.

Don’t choose an address that will be long winded i.e. www.thehouseguideofalbania321.co.uk

No one will want type fifty letters just to get to your site. Don’t use dashes or hyphens and try to avoid numbers. Imagine telling someone over the phone what your address is. If it’s easy to say on the phone then it is usually the right name. Always give me two or three choices in case your first choice is taken.

3) Supply me with all the information, pictures and keep an eye on the design sites which is usually the domain name which you have already chosen.

4) A 20% deposit is required. Then there would be no more to pay until the site is finished. The only exception to this is if it takes a long time to get information that I need to complete the site. Then we would need to make payments arrangements according to the work done.

5) Check your screen size.

If I am designing for you I usually design in 1366×768 (2015) (This is the current standard and in my opinion the best screen size)

If your computer is less or more than this… it is not running at its best. Neither will you be able to see the pages like the majority of people do and if you really want to aim your site at the majority of people then it’s best that we start with you first.

Confused. Pick up the phone and ring me.

077 4547 8938 No hard sell… you can always hang up.